Who We Are

Started by Sam Jackson over 35 years ago, Sam Jackson’s Auto Body Repair has been your family owned and operated experts for many years. We are honored to be a staple of your auto body repair needs in our community. With many multi-generational employees that have worked for the shop, we take pride in putting out high-quality service and making sure that we meet or exceed your expectations every time. That is our goal on every vehicle we work on, from the first day we opened our doors to the public through today. Top quality repairs, and exceptional service.

Meet Our Family

The lineage of our family business starts with the business namesake Sam Jackson, and his wife, Teresa. Their sons Ben and Jarad are involved and with two families of their own. Ben and his wife Melissa have two children. Jarad and his wife Rebecca also have two children. This business is a part of our family heritage, and we believe in taking care of it so it can take care of others. Having something that you started that can be passed down from generation to generation is a source of pride, so if you’re going to put your name on the front of the building, you want to make sure you do the job right.

Our Reputation

When we can say our community is coming to us for repairs because of our sterling reputation and your support we know we’ve done the job right. It’s why we have put so much care, love and support into our family business for generations now. Sam Jackson Auto Body Repair wants to be your reliable and dependable repair shop when you need help with your vehicle. No matter if the job is major, or routine it is an honor to be recommended by so many others, and we continue to look forward to exceeding your expectations during all your trips to our shop.